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Recommended reading in Power Rangers fanfiction
This community is for recommending other people's fanfiction for all incarnations of Power Rangers. Its maintainers are tptigger and estirose.

This community is for recommending all types of PR fanfic, including adult fiction and slash. There are, however, several rules.

1) (note the importance of this being the first rule) You MAY NOT recommend YOUR OWN fanfic. You may not post links to your fanfic or your fanfic. Anything you post should have exactly nothing to do with your own fanfic. Any posts violating this rule will be deleted, no questions asked.

2) All adult and slash fic recommended must be clearly marked as such. Please lock any recs for adult fic.

3) Please include other warnings such as violence, rape, non-con (we don't get the difference, but whatever), incest (Hunter/Blake counts).

4) Please include an approximate rating if the author hasn't provided one. (Use the system at The Rose Garden (QC fanfiction archive):

All ages is appropriate for stories that are appropriate for anyone of any age--or at least anyone who'd want to read a Power Rangers or Sentai story.
8+ stories have some content that might be inaccessible or frightening for smaller children.  Mild violence, mild language, scary stuff....
13+ is for stories that are appropriate for teenagers--slightly worse language, slightly worse violence, sexual innendo, anything past first base.
18+ is for stories with explicit or realistic violence, very coarse language, or adult themes.
ADULT (not permitted at the Rose Garden, but is here)- for stories of an explicit sexual nature, or similarly inappropriate for children or the easily squicked.

And again, since we can't seem to stress this enough: Please do not recommend your own fanfiction.

Lastly, but just as important: this is a flame free community. Thanks.